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Digital Radiology

The benefits from digital radiology are enormous. The doctors can look at the radiographs with high resolution and unprecedented detail. Digital radiology may represent the greatest technological advancement for medical imaging in the last decade.


More than just “shots,” our wellness exams come with a computer generated, detailed, wellness exam report card with every exam.  Each wellness plan is specific for your pet and many times “shots” are not indicated for your pet (see Vaccinations ).  Ask about Titers as an option!


On site ultrasound provides additional technology for those more involved cases. Having an ultrasound machine sets us apart from many clinics.


The equipment and expertise needed for advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgery can be found at the Old Capital Veterinary Hospital. Some very advanced orthopedic work (with titanium plates and screws) is done right here in Corydon, IN.


Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing are the gold standard for dental care in cats and dogs. We have all of the proper equipment to take care of your pet’s dental needs. Always ask to see the ultrasonic cleaner/polisher before calling it a dental cleaning.


High frequency and low temperature radio waves virtually eliminate bleeding, decrease healing time and decrease post operative pain after surgery – “this surgical device is better than laser surgery.”



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